High speed assembly

There’s a saying about having the right tools for the job.  Well, when it comes to making custom printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) for the rugged off-highway and mobile hydraulics industry, you need the right equipment too.  
We invested in our own in-house fully automated pick and place pcb assembly line to ensure rapid development, quick turnarounds, US based quality assurance, and full inspection control of the electronics that we produce.  See our machines in action at our Youtube channel.

This equipment allows our team to provide custom power electronics, motor inverter solutions, and other high power or high voltage designs for our customers.

Terzo Power Custom Electronics Assembly Shop
Terzo Power Redmond, WA Facility with automated pcb electronics equipment
300 Amp High Power Rugged PCB Design and Fabrication

In house design and fabrication

We can provide our customers with custom designed electronics and inverter for their applications.  We have the experience in producing rugged electronics and the know how to bring it to market quickly.  We can design, prototype, revise, and manufacture quicker than most companies can schedule their first meeting to discuss a project!  

Let our experience bring success to your custom project.

Vision inspection

Ensuring we deliver quality electronics to our customers is vital.  We have implemented vision inspection systems that can alert us to an issue before ruining expensive electronic components.  This type of automation is critical to being competitive in a global market.

We specialize in rugged, high power, high voltage, and high current electronics for the industrial hydraulic and mobile off-highway sectors.

Electronics for Mobile Industry
High speed electronics assembly for the mobile industry
High Voltage and Power PCB Board
Custom high current and power electronic design, assembly, & Inspection

Experience matters

We have the experience to know what roads to go down, and what roads are best not taken.  We have learned alot of things along the way that are needed when you start putting alot of current and power onto a pcb board.  Let our past build your future.  Custom electric vehicle electronics overlap numerous engineering disciplines.  Our team understands them all! 

US Based - Globally Sourced

Our US made equipment and US location helps us make sure that deadlines are met and quality is assured.  We work with multiple domestic and international fab houses and component manufacturers but when it comes to assembly, inspection, and testing….we do it right here.


State of the art fully automated pcb assembly, testing, and inspection.
Rugged Off-Highway Electronic Design and Development
Rugged Off-Highway Electronic Design and Development

Innovative solutions

We want to help our customers solve complex problems and provide unparalleled success.  Call us for custom inverter solutions, custom dc to dc designs, precharge systems, high voltage safety system, hvil integration and more.

When space constraints, high current, assembly requirements, or other unique factors come into play, our engineers can solve the problems.

Rigid pcb’s, flex circuits, voltage isolation, power distribution, and ruggedization are just a few of our specialties.

From one to production

Quick turnaround on revisions is key to getting to market efficiently.  A typical pcb design may take upwards of 10 to 20 different revisions before a design gets locked down for production.  Making this as quick and as painless as possible is what we are good at.

Contact us today to learn more.

Custom electronics for construction vehicles
Custom Electronics for construction and agricultural equipment
Rugged mosfet based inverter for off-highway
Rugged mosfet based inverter for off-highway industry