Custom Engineering

Our team has developed numerous products for the heavy-duty and hydraulic industry.  Many applications require some form of customization and often people do not realize how much we can do to meet your goals by customization.

Whether its custom electronics, custom housings, or custom designed systems, we can help find the right solution.

Custom electro-hydraulic solutions for mobile industry
Custom electro-hydraulic solutions for mobile and industrial applications.
Quick turn prototype manufacturing
In-house machining for quick turn prototyping

Custom Fabrication

We have all the tools needed to quickly prototype and fabricate your designs.  Our expertise in the hydraulic and industrial space makes us the perfect partner for complex development projects that need to be done quickly and cost effectively.

Custom Solutions

When you just cannot find the right solution out there, sometimes you just have to make it yourself.  

This molded connector is a good example of that.  A rugged, sealed, high current connector could not be found so we designed it, prototyped it, and went into production.  We incorporated sealing and voltage isolation, and strain relief into the overmold for a simple, compact, and cost effective solution ready made for the rugged fluid power industry!

Custom overmolded and machined high current connector (200a)