Solutions for mobile high voltage systems

When it comes to high voltage solutions and components for Mobile OEM vehicle manufacturers, answers are few and far between.  That is why our team of engineers have spent several years developing solutions for ANY size oem.  This required us to solve one particular problem:  every mobile vehicle is completely different and requires a completely different solution.  

But there is a set of common functionality that every single system must have and we built this into our technology:

1. Cost Effective Integration
2. Safety
3. DC to DC conversion
4. Pre-Charge capability
5. CANBUS communciations
6. Individual circuit control
7. Frame stray voltage sense & shutdown
8. HVIL compatibility
9. Low voltage distribution control – fused output (multiplexor)
10. High voltage distribution control
11. Battery disconnect
12. Service Disconnect
13. Environmental automotive rating
14. Flexibility and scalability

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High voltage safety and distribution system
Custom oem high voltage safety precharge and distribution for ev and hybrid vehicles


High Voltage Safety Center - 800 Vdc rating

Custom Integration for OEM's

Custom design and software for high volume applications