Mobile Hybrid (HEV) and Electric (EV) Solutions

HEVI Systems™ provides Electric Vehicle (EV),  Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) solutions for the heavy-duty, off-highway industry.  We specialize in subsystems for OEM’s in the construction, agricultural, mining, forestry, and transportation sectors.

Heavy-duty OEM manufacturers operate their equipment in often harsh and extreme environments and their systems have to be durable and reliable.  Our team has developed solutions for these markets which enable the OEM manufacturer to electrify or hybridize their platform for whatever their end use or application is.  

The key aspect to the HEVI Systems™ technology is its flexibility.  Mobile hybrid systems in off-highway vehicles work in all types of applications with all types of duty cycles so one solution does not work.  Our sub-systems are scalable to meet the needs of YOUR specific application.  

High Voltage Safety System for heavy-duty systems

Electro-Hydraulic system of heavy-duty equipment

HVAC Cab Comfort System for heavy duty vehicles

hybrid and ev engine generator system

Rugged high voltage battery system


From 50HP to 200HP+ power plants. Typical hybrid system downsizes the engine by up to 50%. This means a 200 hp vehicle can now operate with a 100 hp engine!


Designed from the ground up to be flexible enough to be integrated into most heavy-duty, off road vehicle platforms.

Scalable building blocks for hybrid or electric heavy-duty vehicles

About HEVI Systems™

HEVI Systems is technology that has been forged out of our work on energy efficient off-highway solutions and we are thankful for the support that the California Energy Commission has provided through our PIR-16-506 project.  We are excited about the collaboration between OEM’s, customers, and our team to provide the best solutions for any applications. Mobile hybrid systems made simple. Learn more about our technology here.

High voltage and variable hvac cab heating and cooling system

Electro-hydraulic high voltage system for heavy-duty vehicles

Ruggedized battery system for mobile vehicles

High Voltage Safety and Distribution System for off-highway

Engine and generator system for hybrid heavy-duty vehicles