Solutions for

Heavy-Duty Solutions

Mobile heavy duty vehicle OEM’s are demanding more from their suppliers.  It might be a solution for their electro-hydraulic steering needs or a for a new engine-off electric system to operate a boom lift to meet regulations.  No matter what, if you need hydraulic power on your mobile heavy-duty equipment, the Hydrapulse will solve your problems….simply.

EHS Steering System

12v / 24v / 48v DC Auxiliary Hydraulics

Our Low Voltage 1.5kw Hydrapulse unit can supply up to 2 HP of hydraulic power for dump trailers, lowboy trailers, or any other trucking application where you want a simple, plug & play system to operate a hydraulic function.

Example of A steer-by-wire solution.

Steer by Wire

In many applications, a steer-by-wire system should be used.  For example trailer tag-axles that only steer for slow speed positioning.  This type of hydraulic application is typically complex on the controls implementation.  With the Hydrapulse smart pump, this is a simple solution that allows for very precise and sophisticated control without complex programming and expertise needed.

This system can also be implemented in remotely controlled yard handlers, port equipment, or airport/marine tugs.