About Terzo Power Systems

Terzo Power Systems is dedicated to the development, commercialization, and manufacture of high performance, compact, and ultra-efficient hydraulic systems and off-road, heavy-duty hybrid system technology.   Our approach is to tackle the challenges in our industry with clean-sheet rethinking and technology based solutions.  We are located in the foothills of the Sierras in El Dorado Hills, California and have a state of the art hydraulic, testing, and validation facility.

Terzo Power team on the tree shaker
The Terzo Power Systems Team

"We believe a small team of dedicated engineers can change the world"

And that’s what we are doing, every day.  By focusing on true enabling technology, we will bring about improvements and changes to our industry in ways only a small, nimble, and crazy team can do.

Terzo Power team in conference room
Terzo Power Team Meeting

Team Environment

The only way to successfully develop new technology is through a strong team environment with tight inter-disciplinary coordination.  Fostering innovation does not come naturally, it must be instilled into the culture of a company, and that’s what we strive for here at Terzo Power Systems.

History of the Company

Its not easy starting a company, and its even harder to start a hardware company.  But by building a state of the art shop with the correct testing and prototyping equipment, you can develop products that can meet the market demands and last the test of time.  Durability / Reliability / Quality

To learn more about the founders journey, check out this blog post.

Building a new test stand
Building test stands for the new shop
Stoel-Rives Winners Terzo
Winners of 2018 Sacramento Innovation Awards

Growing Success

Being awarded the best technology company in the Sacramento Region in 2018 for our development of hybrid and electric technology.  Here are some links to some more of our newsworthiness.