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Committed to Constant Innovation

Founded to push the technology envelope in the fluid power industry and bring a new level of simple, compact and energy efficient technology to the market, Terzo, LLC. is backed by two decades of innovation and development iteration. Terzo’s goal is to revolutionize the power industry, building power solutions to turn a legacy industry on its head. The clear advantage of creating electrified power systems has invigorated the Terzo team, founded by mechanical engineer Mike Terzo, to continue a tradition of radical innovation—and the story is just beginning.

Our Past

Our Past

Terzo Power Systems is the brainchild of Michael Terzo, a mechanical engineer and Montana State University graduate on a mission – to push the technology envelope in the fluid power industry and bring a new level of simple, compact and energy efficient technology to the market. While Terzo Power Systems launched in 2014, our beginnings go back two decades with Mike on a path to develop and design a new, energy efficient electro-hydraulic pump.

We had already determined one of the biggest, oldest industries in the world was ripe for change, and we were the ones to change it. Over the years we tested, experimented, veered off path, coined the end of the week “blow-up Fridays” because well… sometimes stuff blew up, but we kept on and didn’t stop trying. If we stopped trying, there was no one else coming up behind us to finish the job.

We started the fluid power revolution because we saw that the industry was overrun by energy efficiency challenges, downtime, maintenance shortfalls, skills shortages, long lead times and lack of innovation.

Our Present

The fluid power industry literally powers the planet because it powers every machine. It is a huge industry, archaic and behind the times. It was time to bring the industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century and fix some of the energy efficiency problems that plague hydraulics while we were at it.

Fast forward a decade or two and with the Terzo team rising to the challenge. We have arrived with the world’s first and only electro-hydraulic system – our flagship product, the Hydrapulse®.

Hydrapulse enables the electrification of fluid power systems such as steering, coolant pumps, air compressors, hydraulic power units and auxiliary systems in industrial, truck, mobile and much more. The Hydrapulse’s plug-and-play system is fully customizable and can be installed with minor design adjustments configured easily and independently from manufacturer settings.

Terzo Power Systems’ products are distributed globally, and we work with leading OEM manufacturers across the globe to improve their systems to get the job done.

Our home is at a state of the art hydraulic, testing and validation facility in the beautiful Sierra Foothills of Northern California, where we are obsessed with the development, commercialization and manufacturing of high performance, compact and ultra-efficient hydraulic systems and off-road, heavy duty hybrid system technology.

Our Future

Our Future

With the design and development of the Hydrapulse, Terzo Power Systems is re-writing the benchmarks for performance, functionality, size and cost while simultaneously disrupting an industry that needs to be disrupted in order to even have a future. It’s time for a revolution.