High Efficiency Hydraulic Pump SolutionsHydrapulse® EHPU

All-in-One Electro-Hydraulic Pump Unit Built for Results

The Hydrapulse® EHPU, electric hydraulic power unit, is a rugged electro-hydraulic pump system with integrated motor, controller and closed-loop pressure feedback that is specifically designed for industrial and mobile applications. The EHPU is available in both high and low voltage models and a variety of pump displacements and power levels. Go to our Resource Center for more information on our high efficiency hydraulic pump technology including data sheets, CAD and manuals.

Features of Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Power-On-Demand Utilizing PM magnet technology for instant response and true power-on-demand efficiency.
  • Full Integration Our fully integrated motor, controller, software and cooling system reduces cost and complexity while provide for a more compact overall size.
  • Ruggedized Built from the ground up for the rugged mobile market. We test to SAE J1455 automotive standards to ensure reliability and durability.


    • Temp Range
    • -40° to +85°C
    • Protection
    • IP 67
    • Supply Voltage
    • 9-36v DC
    • Supply Current
    • 700 mA  (@ 12v)
    • Power Input

350v to 800v DC

  • 24v to 48v DC (Coming Soon)



• Industrial HPU Systems

• Industrial Automation

• Construction Vehicles

• Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

• Off-Highway Vehicles

• Machine Tools

• Agricultural Equipment


High efficiency hydraulic pump solutions – Learn more about the Technology

We strive to help our customers understand how and when to apply our technology. Feel free to reach out to our team for engineering or application support. Designing the Hydrapulse into your system is simple and removes the complexities typical with fluid power systems.

Terminology: This technology can be called several different things but some of the common terms are: electric hydraulic power unit, EHPU, HPU, electric motor power unit, electric power pack, electric HPU and electro-hydraulic HPU.