Case Study: Terzo Partnership Offers Compact Equipment Solutions

Last summer, Terzo Power Systems entered into a partnership with Vanguard Commercial batteries to supply power to Terzo’s Hydrapulse® electro-hydraulic pump systems.

This partnership will provide compact equipment OEMs with the plug and play tools needed to meet growing demand for zero emission products. California set off the race to zero with a bill the governor signed in October 2021 requiring the California Air Resources Board to set new emissions requirements for small off-road engines (SORE).

California will phase out the new manufacture of common gas-powered versions of landscaping equipment as early as 2024. Other states are likely to follow California’s lead in an effort to meet state, local and federal emissions mandates. Similar legislation has been enacted in New York state.

The Challenge
The trend toward electrification comes with inherent challenges. In the case of compact equipment, batteries alone can’t provide the power and range needed to perform a day’s work. OEMs must balance battery cost with the power and range requirements of the equipment without pricing themselves out of the market.

While the announcement of the new law was followed by a wave of panic among impacted landscaping and construction businesses, the technology required to meet the new standards without any sacrifice in power or utility already exists.

The Solution
Terzo’s electro-hydraulic technology offers OEMs all the power and performance of current fossil fuel-powered equipment with lower operating costs.

To provide electricity to the Hydrapulse technology, Terzo has integrated the Vanguard commercial lithium-ion battery pack into their design. The battery pack’s serviceable, scalable and reliable nature makes it an ideal solution for the application. It features a modular design that can easily be configured for varying capacities and also offers the ability to increase power by running multiple batteries in parallel. The Vanguard battery allows for seamless integration with easy-access mounting points.

“We’ve worked with most of the battery suppliers in the industry,” said Mike Terzo, CEO and founder of Terzo Power Systems. “Vanguard did their homework, and they did it right. It’s just plug and play for us. We only needed to add a disconnect and their onboard charger (Level 2 / 1 kW / 240 vac). Everything else is included – the battery management system, voltage monitoring, fault information, CAN bus connection, mounting and sealed enclosure.”

“The Vanguard battery’s modularity allows us to scale to our electrical needs,” said Terzo. “Integration is the whole ticket in the OEM’s world. If they can’t integrate it into their platform, they’re not going to use it.”

Vanguard’s commercial batteries offer versatility
A key aspect for the Hydrapulse system is the energy source, particularly with the broad range of power requirements between the power unit and steering pump configurations. Vanguard Commercial’s batteries are modular, enabling them to meet the specific power demands of each unit.

“Innovation with purpose is a keystone of Vanguard and we are proud to work with Terzo, a company that shares that same value,” said Chris Davison, Briggs & Stratton senior marketing manager, commercial power. “Their mission to electrify hydraulic systems with pioneering technology is an exciting project to be a part of and is sure to bring new energy to all markets they touch.”

About the Hydrapulse
A clean-sheet, intelligent technology, Hydrapulse allows for the electrification of a broad range of compact equipment.

“Describing what the Hydrapulse is has always been our challenge,” said Terzo. “We try to explain to people that it’s not just a pump or a motor, it’s a different category in hydraulics. Traditionally everything has been discrete, individual components – whether it is a motor, a pump, a valve or hose.”

Available in three frame sizes, the Hydrapulse system is a two-section design, consisting of a drive side and a pump side. The drive side includes a permanent magnet motor, motor drive circuitry, sensors, and control circuitry and logic.

The pump side incorporates a base, a hydraulic pump and inlet and outlet ports. Customers can choose a standard pump from the company or can use any properly sized hydraulic pump with the appropriate output shaft and mounting flange.

The unit can also be specified with an integral reservoir or mounted to the customer’s reservoir and the drive and pump sides can be completely disconnected to allow troubleshooting or maintenance of either assembly.

The Hydrapulse system is also available in a steering pump configuration, in twothree frame sizes, for applications in medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses, off-highway equipment (including autonomous agricultural vehicles), trailer and tag axle steering systems, and hybrid and electric vehicles.

“The Hydrapulse is a complete system,” said Terzo. “It is also an enabling technology for electrification on anything that has fluid power. Whether that is a power unit sitting in a riding mower or a skid steer, the Hydrapulse enables the electrification of these applications.”