Mike Terzo Featured in Engineuity Podcast with Zach Turner

Sacramento, CA: In the News – youtu.be/Z_DJysZbQiA

May 5, 2022 – In this podcast episode, Mike sits down with Zach Turner, President of Anderson Industrial Engines. Zach and Mike discuss Terzo products, the current engine to hybridization market, and the future of power systems.

Mike covers what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the fluid power industry. He talks about the lack of innovation in disrupting fluid power at the component level. Aside from Terzo, no other companies are tackling the electrification of fluid power from the ground up. Instead, most of the work being done involves incremental change.

Mike describes how Terzo’s Hydrapulse can be the whole system or a component of a larger system. What is the best solution for linear or rotary motion? Terzo looks to combine the most significant advantages of hydraulic and electric drives to create the best of both worlds.

Listen to the podcast.