February 21, 2022News

Terzo Announces Partnership with Continental / Hydreco

Terzo Power partners with Continental / Hydreco to incorporate silent pump technology in advanced steering and electro-hydraulic systems

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Sacramento, California February 22, 2022: Terzo Power Systems, the leader in the development and design of electro hydraulic pump systems designed for on- & off-highway mobile vehicles and industrial applications, has entered a partnership with Continental / Hydreco, a leading manufacturer of mobile hydraulics, to build steering and electro-hydraulic systems for global OEMs.

Terzo Power Systems creates compact and energy efficient smart hydraulic solutions for the electrification of fluid power. Their leading product, the Hydrapulse®, is a complete electro-hydraulic system that is a fully integrated power-on-demand, hydraulic power unit with built-in intelligence. The energy efficient system, with an electronically controlled motor and pump assembly, are all contained in a small, compact footprint, making it the new leader in hydraulic performance.

Continental / Hydreco silent pumps reduce the amount of fluid borne noise generated by the pump and transmitted into the hydraulic system. This results in a reduction in the amount of overall noise emitted from the system. Continental / Hydreco pumps are designed to provide high performance, long life, durability and ease of use even in the harshest of environments.

“We’re thrilled to add a manufacturing partner like Continental / Hydreco with the experience and expertise needed to support the continued success of our Hydrapulse product family. With the design and development of the Hydrapulse, we re-wrote the benchmarks for performance, functionality, size and cost. Partnering with Continental / Hydreco will only help us further disrupt the fluid power industry.”

Michael Terzo, CEO of Terzo Power Systems


Continental / Hydreco hydraulic gear pumps and motors, main control valves, pilot control valves and power take-offs provide the power and control behind the biggest names for equipment in construction, forestry, marine, agriculture, industrial and mining. Practical performance, combined with knowledge of user applications, and backed by superb technical skills and capabilities, ensures Continental / Hydreco has the strength to satisfy hydraulic demand on a global level.

“Terzo Power Systems clearly sees the future of an electrified fluid power world, which will render many of the fluid power products and systems on today’s market obsolete. Terzo’s technology, with our world-class pumps on board, will replace traditional fluid power systems, paving the way for an electrified future.”

Joe Thompson, General Manager of Continental / Hydreco Hydraulics

The Hydrapulse comes in three standard sizes, customizable for OEM and higher volume applications.

About Terzo:

Terzo Power Systems is dedicated to the development, commercialization, and manufacture of high performance, compact, and ultra-efficient hydraulic systems and off-road, heavy-duty hybrid system technology. The Terzo Power system approach is to tackle the challenges within the fluid power industry and offer clean-sheet rethinking and technology-based solutions. The state of the art hydraulic, testing and validation facility is headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California.

Continental / Hydreco:

Continental and Hydreco, both an established part of the Duplomatic Motions Solutions Group, have been at the forefront of power transmission innovation for over 60 years and are a leading force in transforming the industrial world we live in. They manufacture durable, high performance engineering solutions and deliver exceptional quality to customers and partners through our exceptional products and experienced people. To learn more about Continental / Hydreco, please visit https://www.hydreco.com/.

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