February 26, 2021News

Terzo Creates the World’s First and Only Electrified Hydraulic System

Revolutionizing industrial applications and the on- & off-highway vehicle markets

Terzo Power Systems, has established itself as the leader in the design and development of electro-hydraulic pump systems designed for on- & off-highway mobile vehicles and industrial applications.

Terzo Power Systems developed the world’s first compact and energy efficient smart hydraulic solutions for the electrification of fluid power. Their flagship product, the Hydrapulse, is a complete electro-hydraulic system that is a fully integrated power-on-demand hydraulic power unit with built-in intelligence. The energy efficient system, with an electronically controlled motor and pump assembly, are all contained in a small, compact footprint, making it the innovative leader in hydraulic performance.

Terzo Power Systems is the brainchild of Michael Terzo, a mechanical engineer who graduated from Montana State University and launched the company in 2014 with one goal in mind – to bring a new level of simple, compact, and energy efficient technology to the market. The Hydrapulse is not a traditional hydraulic system but a fully integrated product with unlimited applications and true performance capabilities.

“The construction industry has yet to have a serious conversation about electrification within the fluid power industry – until now,” said Mike Terzo, Founder and CEO of Terzo Power Systems. “We have brought the first and only electrified hydraulic system to the world and as a result the landscape within the fluid power industry is changed forever.”

Hydrapulse enables the electrification of fluid power systems such as steering, coolant pumps, air compressors, hydraulic power units and auxiliary systems in industrial, truck, mobile and much more. Terzo Power System engineers consult with OEM’s and manufacturers every step of the way to support their system applications to help them become fluent and knowledgeable in electrification of fluid power. The Hydrapulse’s plug-and-play system is fully customizable and can be installed with minor design adjustments configured easily and independently from manufacturer settings.

With the design and development of the Hydrapulse, Terzo Power Systems is re-writing the benchmarks for performance, functionality, size and cost while simultaneously disrupting an industry that needs to be disrupted in order to have a future.

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About: Terzo Power Systems is dedicated to the development, commercialization, and manufacture of high performance, compact, and ultra-efficient hydraulic systems and off-road, heavy-duty hybrid system technology. The Terzo Power system approach is to tackle the challenges within the fluid power industry and offer clean-sheet rethinking and technology-based solutions. The state of the art hydraulic, testing and validation facility is headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California. Mike Terzo is a founding board member of the California Mobility Center, a leading global innovation and commercialization center for future mobility, headquartered in Sacramento, CA.