December 8, 2020News

High Voltage Coolant Pump Testing

High Voltage Coolant Pump testing progress for the medium- and heavy-duty truck market.

Pump Test Rig

Our work progresses on our HCP (Hydrapulse® Coolant Pump) for the truck market and heavy-duty vehicle OEM’s that are developing their electrification platforms.  Our HCP high voltage coolant pump is a centrifugal design that we are now on our 2nd generation of design.  Our goal is around 600lpm (160gpm+) of nominal flowrate out of this size with a smaller version coming out soon as well.  This pump utilizes our 2.5kw Hydrapulse drive motor assembly that incorporates our state of the art inverter, electronics, cooling technology, and permanent magnet motor.  All in one compact and powerful package and IP6k9k for the mobile and automotive industries.  CAN controlled via a J1939 interface, this variable speed and variable pressure product allows you to match your cooling flow and pressure needs to your system at any given instance.


This unit is available for prototype orders and testing with production shipments beginning end of Q1 2021.  Call us today and we can help your OEM electrification project get pumped up!

Our wide voltage input range is a huge selling feature for the various EV platforms out there.

Cool air ring formed when the pump starts.  The pipe outlet is submerged in the water reservoir and we shot some cool slow mo video showing this effect.