Hydrapulse F3 Motor at Work

The Hydrapulse F3 motor is the big brother of the F1 and F2 Motor package most commonly used in the EHSU (Electro-Hydraulic Steering units) product lines. The F3 Motor series includes all of the same features that have made the F1 and F2 motors so successful in the Electrification of on and off-Highway equipment; Integrated Motor and Inverter, High Voltage DC Input (250 – 800VDC), rugged design (designed to meet SAE J1455 and ISO16750 vibration standards), and flexible cooling circuits (Low pressure Hydraulic oil cooling or WEG).

One of the challenges within the electrification of equipment is determining the actual power requirements of the Hydraulic system, when adding a PTO to a diesel engine it’s very easy to just take advantage of the abundance of torque and error on the side of having too much. When transition to running the Hydraulic system with an Electric motor on a battery electric vehicle, careful consideration needs to be taken to make sure there’s no waste within the system. To help solve this problem the Terzo sales and engineering teams have been working with customers very closely to help determine the actual requirements, the boom truck, shown below, is a great example of this kind of co-development.

The F3 motor shown in the picture below, off to the side of the truck, is an early 30kw prototype (this prototype version was limited to about 20kw @2000 RPM), paired with a pressure compensated load sense piston pump. The Pump is plumbed directly into the standard valve bank that would normally be supplied by the mechanical PTO of this truck. The Terzo engineering team and representatives from the OEM, spent several hours performing various tests, loaded and unloaded movements, cycle times, and anything else that would simulate a days work out in the real world. The F3 Motor, even in it’s prototype form was able to perform all of these tests with minimal issues while meeting all of the performance criteria, going into the testing it was assumed these criteria could not be met with less than 40-45kw of power.

Terzo Power Systems is a company founded around developing products to improve the efficiency of hydraulic systems and continues to be dedicated to that mission today. Testing like this is a great first step towards achieving our goals. Now the question remains, who is is going to be our guinea pig for testing the efficiency gains of running a true On-Demand Hydraulic system outfitted with our Bi-rotational pumps? Inquire Here