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Electro-Hydraulic Steering Unit


EHSU – Electro-Hydraulic Steering Unit

The Hydrapulse® EHSU is a rugged electro-hydraulic smart pump unit with integrated motor, controller, and closed-loop feedback designed for mobile steering assist and e-steering applications.

The EHSU is available in high voltage for your electric or fuel cell chassis integration or low voltage with our available converter unit. Call our engineering team for custom options such as connectors, porting, mounting, and reservoirs.

Electrification platforms demand significant noise reductions to operate in sensitive urban environments. Terzo Power is excited to announce that all EHSU Steering units come standard with an ultra quiet helical gear pump!

Frame Size 1

With up to 3 kW of power for the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle platforms such as class 3 to class 7. The Frame Size 1 provides flexible and powerful options such as an integrated reservoir, custom mounting, and more.

Frame Size 2

With up to 10 kW of power for heavy-duty vehicle platforms up to Class 8 and beyond. For mining, commercial trucking, and other high power steering applications, our Frame Size 2 allows your electrification project to keep moving.

Need Controls or Accessories For Your Frame Size 2?

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