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Servo Hydraulic Systems

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AC Power Solutions Features

Hydrapulse AC Power Solutions
Pairing the Hydrapulse EHPU and EHSU with the Terzo AC-DC rectifier unlocks the power of Servo Hydraulics in your applications.

  • Power On Demand Efficiency
  • Proportional Flow control
  • Proportional Pressure control
  • Silent Operation
  • up to 50% size reduction
  • System Feedback for Predictive Maintenance

AC Power Solutions Applications

There’s a wide variety of applications that can benefit from the efficiency, size reduction, and control that the Hydrapulse products bring.

  • Injection Molding
  • Traditional HPU Replacements
  • Press Applications
  • Marine
  • Machining Centers
  • Food Processing
  • Material Handling

AC Power Solutions Specifications

The key to unlocking the performance benefits of the Hydrapulse products in your factory is the AC-DC rectifier

  • up to 10kw power
  • 220vAC 3 Phase Input
  • 280-300vDC Output
  • Dual 24vDC Auxiliary outputs
  • Built-In HVIL Safety
  • E-Stop and Status Indicators
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Connector Kits
  • Contacts
  • Low Voltage Connector Kits

AC Power Solutions Accessories

Connector and Cable assemblies available

  • HV Cable Assembly (PN: 200-00012)
  • HV Connector – ATHP062S25EL-S2
  • LV Connector – ATM06-08SA


The Hydrapulse is the ultimate all in one hydraulic solution, the integrated controls, high performance BLDC motors, and integrated low noise gear pumps, provide all around upgrades from the traditional hydraulic systems.

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