Electrifying Your
Fluid Power System

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It looks like more power, lower cost, energy savings, plug-and-play systems, little downtime and easy maintenance and repair. Terzo’s solutions make it possible to electrify your fluid power systems without sacrificing power or energy efficiency.
It is the future, and it is now.

Solutions from the Terzo Labs


Electro-Hydraulic Power

Hydrapulse Plus

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The Answer to the Question
That Wasn’t Asked

Customers and manufacturers are eager to overcome the challenges that beset the fluid power industry, but the industry operates on status quo. Hydrapulse® is the answer to the question they didn’t ask:
“How can it be different?”

Our Revolutionary Technology, Hydrapulse Has:

82% energy savings

Our Power-On-Demand Technology brings new levels of performance to hydraulic power units and mobile vehicle systems.

86% size reduction

We utilize the most advanced electronics and motor technology to provide extreme power density for your hydraulic system.

87% weight reduction

Using proven permanent magnet motor technology and automotive grade electronics, we help you reduce your system weight.

All Systems Electrified

Hydrapulse enables you to electrify your systems in mobile, industrial, automotive and more. Electrification of the fluid power systems are possible because we developed the world’s first purpose-built electro-hydraulic system that is smaller, more efficient, more powerful and less expensive.

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