F1 Series

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EHSU-1 Features

With our integrated cooling, power electronics, motor, and pump, the Hydrapulse® EHSU provides the cleanest and most cost effective integration into your chassis, machine, or vehicle platform.

  • Onboard pressure transducers
  • Power dense permanent magnet motor
  • 200vDC to 800vDC
  • HVIL connection
  • Integrated cooling (no external cooling required)
  • CAN / J1939 Communications
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Power-on-demand / energy savings
  • Complete temperature monitoring
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing
  • EV/HEV/Hybrid Steering Circuit
  • EV/HEV/Hybrid Steering with external cooling
  • Steer-by-wire or E-Steer system
  • Open or Closed Center Circuit
  • EHSU-2 Port Locations

EHSU-1 Applications

The Frame Size 1 steering unit is optimized for alternative powered vehicles in the medium-duty vehicle weight categories between 10,000 lb. (4,500 kg) and 26,000 lb. (12,000 kg) needing hydraulic steering power levels up to 3 kW.

  • Bus/Transit
  • Mining vehicles
  • BEV/FCEV/Hybrid Vehicles
  • Bucket / Work / Vocation / Utility Trucks
  • Delivery / Last Mile Trucks
  • Box / Refer / Regional haulers
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Port / Terminal Trucks / AGV
  • Purpose Built Platforms
  • Off-highway vehicles

EHSU-1 Specifications

Built from the ground up for the rugged on- and off-highway markets, The F1 Series steering unit meets the following specifications:

  • Rated current – 7 amps
  • IP Rating 6K9K
  • Max Speed 4,000 rpm
  • Weight 14.2kg (31.4lbs.)
  • Rated Voltage 200Vdc to 800Vdc
  • Rated Power 2.5 kW (3.3hp)
  • Operating Temp. -40°C to 85°C
  • Storage Temp. -40°C to 125°C
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Reservoir Kits
  • Connector Kits
  • Contacts
  • Low Voltage Connector Kits

EHSU-1 Accessories

We offer a complete assortment of accessories to ensure you have everything you need for your electro-hydraulic system. If you have any questions or do not see what you need, be sure to give our team a call.

  • High Voltage Power Cable
  • Low Voltage Communications Cable
  • Mounting Bracket(s)
  • Reservoir Kits
  • Wireless / Wired Controllers
  • I/O Modules
  • Fittings / Hose Kits
  • Lifting Brackets
  • Cooler Packages
  • Connector kits


The EHSU-1 Steering unit provides up to 3 kW of power and integrates a system pressure relief and onboard pressure control. Multiple mounting configurations allow for flexible and compact fitment into the vehicle chassis. All EHSU steering pumps come standard with our quiet helical gear pump.

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Pressure vs Flow

Environmental Protection


  • SAE J1455-4.1.3 Temperature Cycle
  • SAE J1455-4.1.3 Thermal Shock
  • SAE J1455-4.1.3 Thermal Stress
  • SAE J1455-4.2 Humidity
  • SAE J1455-4.3 Salt Spray Atmosphere
  • SAE J1455-4.3.3 Immersion Testing
  • SAE J1455-4.4 High Exposure Splash Testing
  • SAE J1455-4.5 Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Mechanical Vibration

  • SAE J1455-4.10 Swept Sine Vibration
  • SAE J1455-4.10.4 Random Vibration
  • SAE J1455-4.11 Mechanical Shock
  • SAE J1455-4.11 Operational Shock / Harness Shock
  • SAE J1455-4.12 Combined Environmental
  • ISO 16750 Vibration


  • SAE J1455-4.13 Heavy-Duty Truck Electrical Environment


  • 61000-6-4 Radiated Emissions
  • IEC 61000-6-2 Industrial Immunity
  • FCC Part 15B Class A
  • CISPR 25
  • ISO 11452-2 RI
  • ISO 11452-4 BCI
  • ISO 10605 ESD
  • ISO 7637-2 3rd Edition transients (on 12vdc)


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