Energy Efficiency

Hydrapulse® Technology

Energy Efficient Hydraulics – On Demand

Saving energy has never been easier. When you use Hydrapulse products, you no longer need to think about how to make your system more efficient, we’ve done that part for you.

Servo (permanent magnet motor) driven hydraulic systems are not new, in fact they’ve been around for decades. The ability for hydraulic pumps driven by a permanent magnet motor to achieve significant energy savings is also well-documented. Energy savings of over 82% is common in applications where there is a long dwell cycle such as injection molding, rubber molding, or other press type applications.

The Advantages

So why haven’t these types of systems been more widely adopted yet? These challenges are simple: These systems are too expensive, too complex and need specific skills to design, install and troubleshoot.

Yet permanent magnet motor-driven hydraulic systems offer substantial benefits, including:

  • Precise control
  • Up to 200% overload capability
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced oil requirements
  • More compact size
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Heat reduction

Energy Efficient Hydraulics Eliminate ROI Sales Pitch

The team at Terzo Power Systems wanted to develop energy efficient hydraulics technology that would break barriers and make a significant impact on the market. That meant making technology that is affordable from an up-front capital expenditure standpoint. When you make something affordable, the energy savings (and they are significant) become icing on the cake. So you no longer have to sell an advanced hydraulic solution based on the “ROI.”

Energy efficiency is built into the Hydrapulse
Energy efficiency is built into the Hydrapulse