Hydrapulse® Technology

Designed For Any Application


Terzo Power Systems understands that every application is different, this holds true more than ever in the fluid power industry! We developed our electro-hydraulic technology from the ground up ready for custom tweaking. Whether you want 25 units with a custom change or 2500 units, we can make sure you have the best solution for your applications. Terzo Power Systems works with OEM customers to find the best custom electro-hydraulic pump solution for them.

Some things we can quickly customize for customers with volume applications:

1. Connectors

2. Custom firmware

3. Custom housings

4. Custom pumps

Contact us today for your custom electro-hydraulic pump application.

coolant pump

custom electro-hydraulic pump

electro-hydrostatic actuators

custom gear pump

custom low voltage connector

custom 24v inverter