Our Hydrapulse® TechnologyCustomization

Designed For Any Application

Terzo Power Systems understands that every application is different, this holds true more than ever in the fluid power industry!  We developed our electro-hydraulic technology from the ground up ready for custom tweaking. Whether you want 25 units with a custom change or 2500 units, we can make sure you have the best solution for your applications.

Some things we can quickly customize for customers with volume applications:

1. Connectors

2. Custom firmware

3. Custom housings

4. Custom pumps

Contact us today for your custom electro-hydraulic pump application.

Custom Examples

High voltage coolant pump for mobile vehicles
Coolant pump for electric and hybrid vehicles. 800v dc
Custom hydraulic steering pump for mobile vehicles
Custom electrohydraulic pump for steering applications
Custom electrohydraulic actuators
Electro-hydrostatic actuators for custom applications
Custom gear pump for customer with integrated circuitry
Custom gear pump with application specific circuit
Custom connector for application specific
Application specific custom low voltage connector for Hydrapulse®
Custom 24v inverter for ev mobile vehicle
Custom 24v inverter for ev mobile vehicle